Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Branding of Bonanzle

The Branding of Bonanzle is just around the corner.

Yesterday, Bonanzle reached another milestone with a million listings! Such a short time ago, six months perhaps the site was in the hearts and minds of a few hard working and dedicated few. Now, buyers are finding the unique and rare items they are looking for and sellers are realizing their full potential in rewarding sales, meaning cash in pocket, but even more so, testimonials to fully satisfied buyers. It's always a plus to satisfy the customer, after all the Customer is King and it seems Bonanzle delivers a hundred fold.

Today, I think starts the real branding of Bonanzle. My prediction is that it will be a household name for the general public in the United States as well as globally by the end of this calendar year.

We've only just begun.

Begin your Bonanzle experience today, visit some booths and experience some of the forum threads. In the forums I suspect you will be so pleasantly surprised by the congenial supportive and fun atmosphere. While you are there, you can be inspired by more experienced mentors, there are games to play and for those of you who like to win prizes, you can possibly win something. Bonanzle also offers some unique fast paced auctions that just crop up. It's a fun crazy time.

Some of us Bonanzlers are working on creating Welcome Wagon tips and tricks, some are working on endeavors beyond my scope, and there is always The Tech Tips which are very popular. Down the road, a buyer's tip sheet is in the works.

We are Bonanzle! A very spirited, lively, compassionate and honest venue for buying and selling that is ingenious, brilliant and it works. In today's economy, we all want clear and concise, honest down-to-earth good trading.