Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tie one on Day

Check out Tie One on Day!  I just came across this tonight as I was looking for a vintage poem
about aprons, as I'm making paper aprons for hostess gifts.  Back in the 60s these were very popular and
a precursor to disposable products, now we can use recycled paper and feel good about this!

Anyway, to do good will at the same time.  Check out the Tie One on Day and wear an apron and
bring a loaf of bread to someone who needs spiritual or physical sustenance.

Great Idea.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happiness comes from within

Happiness -

Encouragement comes from within..........Bonanzle

Words of Encouragement is a forum where the kind folks on Bonanzle, spread a little every day
cheer and positive energy to ... well, everyone!

Monday, August 24th this thread had a Happy Anniversary Celebration
Read all about it on the above link. It was a great medley of discussions of small quotes, lighthearted quotes, happy quotes and self-esteem quotes, sprinkled with some fabulous graphics to celebrate the event.

It's a friendly forum and has a different thread every single night of the week.
Tonight's post is #97. Chime in with your profound words of wisdom, light hearted happy quotes or poems, for tonight's thread is all about Happy.

Upcoming is the 100th thread on Monday night, August 24th. Be sure to look for this special anniversary thread next Monday on Bonanzle.

This just in. Kathy from navysignalflags has a blog and she is posting there about the 100th upcoming WOE celebration.

New web page with several Bonanzle Booths.

Unrelated notes:
Just a real funny thing about this Hand Picked List showcase 
It is by all accounts, very old, but keeps moving.  


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Someone's in the kitchen with Julia

Someone's in the kitchen with Julia

Found these products on Bonanzle relating to Julia Child, cooking, kitchen and food.

Check them out before or after you go see the movie.