Friday, May 27, 2011

Bonanza has a mystery coin for a reward

Bonanza has a mysterious coin.  What is it? 
Seems it is designated as a reward of sorts.  What is it for?  A token for something yet to be determined.
Details to follow.
Hmmm.... what are the options?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to eat Lobster Plates Back in Stock

Updated: May 22nd, how to eat lobster plates back in stock.  
Best buy: 16 plates

There must be a new generation of people learning how to eat lobster or something.  Or maybe there are losts of parties and clambakes to which I was not invited. Yet, it could be that many people are planning more efficiently? Who knew?

Lobster Plates are back in stock, updated 29 June 2012.
Over 1,000 sold via addoway and bonanza, with just very few left for the season.

Getting low on the directions of how to eat lobster plastic bibs too. 


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Words of Encouragement at Bonanza 2nd Anniversary

 Save the Dates!

Joyce Kmetz's Words of Encouragement Group at Bonanza is celebrating it's Second Anniversary
on  When:  April 8-10th, 2011.  I hear there will be door prizes and lots of fun.
The link will be connected starting Friday when it goes live.

Words of Encouragement List of Bonanzler booths last curated.  Will update as time gets nearer and get the most recent from Joyce herself. 




















Friday, March 18, 2011

Bonanzle Dictionary

Before Bonanzle became,   the "Bonanzlers" came up with a dictionary of terms the members of the community coined.  While cleaning through old electronic files, I came across the Bonz dictionary and put on here for posterity.

B.O.B.B. AKA big ol’ bonanzle butt – what you get by sitting on your ahem,
butt all day bonanzling instead of getting any exercise (BlueMoonsattic)
BAA – Bonanzle Addicts Anonymous/Bonanzle-aholics Anonymous/Bonanzle
Addicts Association
Bonanasterical – Condition caused while reading Bonanzles hysterical posts
Bonanzafied – Made simple and sweet (KimsKorner)
Bonanzcarpalsyndrome – often occurs around the time your clicky thingy
breaks on your mouse (KimsKorner)
Bonanzdehydration – When you cannot bring yourself to get up and get a
drink for hours on end (KimsKorner)
Bonanzle Blather – When you seem to just be talking to yourself on a thread.
Bonanzle Blog – Bonanzle Bill’s Blog, where he delights in dropping hints about upcoming features to tease BonanzleAddicts (ANightOwl)
Bonanzle Bobo – The special dance Bonanzler’s do after making a sale.
Aka Bonanzle Boogie and the alternative version, the Bonanzle Shuffle (ANightOwl)
Bonanzle Boyz – Sweetest, Smartest, Swiftest Software and Service
Dudes Around (ANightOwl)
Bonanzle Brain – Condition where everything you see or hear or talk about
somehow you can turn into a conversation about Bonanzle. (KimsKorner)
Bonanzle Buddies – The People on Bonanzle you smile just seeing their
avatars (KimsKorner)
Bonanzle Bug – A rarely seen critter, quickly squashed by the Bonanzle Boyz (ANightOwl))
Bonanzle Butt – Numbness caused by not leaving your chair, similar to
Bonanzdehyration. (ANightOwl)
Bonanzle Buyer – Once a rare species, they are now multiplying rapidly
. (ANightOwl))
Bonanzle Claus – (Also known as Secret Santa) The act of brightening
another Bonanzlers Holiday season with a generous act of kindness. (ShesMrsWright)
Bonanzle Envy – What those on other sites experience when seeing the fun
we have while running our business’s here (KimsKorner)
Bonanzle Exercise Program – When you are trying to clean but wind up
running back and forth to computer to refresh forums (KimsKorner)
Bonanzle Family – All Of Us (KimsKorner)
Bonanzle Hearing aide – what I need to hear my family talking to me while
I am on Bonanzle apparently (KimsKorner)
Bonanzle Shuffle – the Bonanzle Dance when you are suffering from
Bonanzle Butt and your range of motion is diminished. (ANightOwl)
Bonanzle Sticky Screen – The outcome of taking a drink when reading some
of the funny forum posts (KimsKorner)
Bonanzle Turrets – what I develop when spewing out replies to family
talking, which usually has nothing to do with what was asked.(KimsKorner)
Bonanzle’s Sportsbar by Vinewood – Where u can get that special drink or
a party (Vinewood)
Bonanzleallnightous – condition suffered by sofyblu2 from staying up all night
to help our customers. (SherAhnn)
BonanzleBooze – The drink we all need from time to time. (SherAhnn)
Bonanzlebump – The special “bump button” that can be found only in Bonanzle
discussion threads. (AnneBlueAngel2)
Bonanzlebumpatee- The bumping manatee AnightOwl introduced us to.
BonanzleChristmas – when you want to decorate your tree in Bonanzle ornaments
and Bonanzle sign at the top but your family wont let you lol (KimsKorner)
Bonanzle-eyes – When you have been here so long that you cant keep your eyes
open and end up reading the post with eyes half shut. (SherAhnn)
BonanzleFreakOut – What happens when you wake up at 3am BonanzleJonesen
and the site is down for maintenance. (ShesMrsWright)
Bonanzleinsanity – 1.) when your friend and you spend hours discussing addiction to bonanzle while on aim and refreshing forums and making bonanzle addict survival kits (KimsKorner) 2.) Breaking your clicky thingy while frantically refreshing the forum in fear you may miss something. (ShesMrsWright)
BonanzleJonesen – When you are away from your computer and you start to go through Bonanzle withdraw. (ShesMrsWright)
Bonanzlemania – Similar to BAA but with a bit of mania attached (Mamascreations)
Bonanzleoops – 1.) When you accidently post to the forums and it comes up the
same post 2 or 3 times. (SherAhnn) 2.) When you post a picture to a thread and
it takes up the whole screen (SherAhnn)
Bonanzler – One who uses Bonanzle (ANightOwl)
Bonanzlesweats – Occurs when the boyz are updating and you can’t get your
Bonanzle fix (KimsKorner)
Bonanzlette – The feminine variation of a Bonanzler. (Rykar)
Bonanzlignorance! – Peoples who are ignoring what they are missing by not
being a member of Bonanzle (Cleo-primitives)
Bonanzling – is that the act of shopping & selling on Bonanzle (BestBud0315)
Bonanzlitis – a condition characterized by the inability to speak except for an
occasional LOL..caused by the frantic typing of words instead of verbalizing them
Bonanzlized – Becoming mesmerized by bonanzle losing total track of time,
who is talking to you, and any thing else not associated with Bonanzle.. (ShesMrsWright)
Bonanzlonians- New Bonanzlers (Selene)
Bonanzmarkassistance – When you can’t fix it, you to have bonanzmarkassistance (
Bonanzomnia – Insomnia for Bonanzlers (KimsKorner)
Bonzalicious – for those delectable items you can’t find anywhere else (Bluemoonsattic)
Bonzhead – Smart enough to be a bonanzle member ( and not a bonehead )
Bonzuffalo – White bonanzle buffalo for good luck to all bonanzlers (AutoHobby4Us)
BoothSquatter – Someone who avatar has been present in your booth for hours.
Confuselanza – When the forums get sooo off subject that you fall into a confused
state of mind. (SherAhnn)
Forum Tags – A Bonanzler’s way of marking a thread discussion. (ANightOwl)
Forumitis – When you get no listing done because you cannot get yourself to
leave the forums (KimsKorner)
Helmet Head – aka Pieper (ANightOwl)
Otto-Mailer = Automailer – 1.) Tells you to get back to the posts you already visited.
(SherAhnn) 2.) Notifies you of messages in your inbox, offers, & sales! (ShesMrsWright)
Tag or Tagging – Marking Bonanzle booth items as being special in some way
(see also Forum tags) (ANightOwl)
The Boyz – Bill, Mark, Jordan, & Zac. They are the guys responsible for Bonanzle!
The Ghost – (also makes HPLs- 'Hand Picked Lists'- Didn’t you know this place
has a ghost? He is not seen very often but he is around. (SheMrsWright)
Tickle Me Tuesday – The day Bonanzlers drop into other Bonanzle Booths and
“Tag” (ANightOwl)
TMTWrist – It is the sore throbbing pain in my wrist after tagging in booths on
Tickle Me Tuesday for hours on end. (KimsKorner)
Typonanzle – When your fingers are so tired of typing that you continually hit the
wrong keys or use incorrect spelling in posts or listing items (SherAhnn)
Originated Dec 2009.