Thursday, May 21, 2009

What can Bonanzle do for You?

What can Bonanzle do for You?

A few months ago I had the occasion to sell some fabric on Bonanzle. This would turn out to be not an ordinary sale of five yards of vintage fabric.

Turns out that the buyer would be using the fabric for a fundraiser for Teal Tea.
You can visit that link to purse any interest you may have and/or donate to the cause.

The buyer and I worked a little to negotiate a good deal. 5 yards of fabric for like seven dollars or so. Right of the bolt too, so anyway, here's a picture from my customer. Visit
There's a place to donate on that sit if you feel the spirit.

One instance about Ovarian Cancer-

This is just one of the many things Bonanzle can do for you, whether it be budget constrained items or absolute unique decorative items, it is here and workable for many of the booth owners.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Synergy Returns to Work

Does anyone remember synergy?
It occurred to me a while ago that bonanzle has superior synergy. This is what is lacking in other venues, including corporate work environments.

At Bonanzle, you can count on people helping you to get what you need. Questions are answered, non-competitively and you can be directed to the help you need for buying and/or selling. My guess is that many companies still do not get this synergistic viewpoint. Way to go Bonanzle.
At my company, we have many individuals working to promote the whole, but lack synergy. All too often, there are those who are thinking job security, ME and that's all, not the benefit of the whole. I work for a very lovely company, but the infrastructure is ancient.

And back in the 80s, companies were attempting to promote team work with skill building seminars and workshops. Ugh! Try to fabricate relationships? Didn't work.

Here's the wikpedia definition

synergy is almost necessary today in order for a company to survive. Hat's off to Bonanzle for recognizing a powerful and integrative process for its members, buyers and sellers.

Showcases on Bonanzle

Some showcases on Bonanzle that whilst not on the landing page are worthwhile to see.

We have

May Sweeps
If you are into television entertainment, you can find these items on Bonanzle.

Hippiecratic Oath
Features hippieish type items to be found on bonanzle with a contemporary update

Mine that Bird
Honoring Kentucky Derby Winner
Here you will find horse related products on Bonanzle.

Because it is baseball season, this is my all time favorite title of a showcase

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet
Yep, you can have someone shop for you and get Fenway Franks and hot dog rolls too, New England Style of course.

Go to Bonanzle to see more lists of user created items.