Sunday, May 3, 2009

Synergy Returns to Work

Does anyone remember synergy?
It occurred to me a while ago that bonanzle has superior synergy. This is what is lacking in other venues, including corporate work environments.

At Bonanzle, you can count on people helping you to get what you need. Questions are answered, non-competitively and you can be directed to the help you need for buying and/or selling. My guess is that many companies still do not get this synergistic viewpoint. Way to go Bonanzle.
At my company, we have many individuals working to promote the whole, but lack synergy. All too often, there are those who are thinking job security, ME and that's all, not the benefit of the whole. I work for a very lovely company, but the infrastructure is ancient.

And back in the 80s, companies were attempting to promote team work with skill building seminars and workshops. Ugh! Try to fabricate relationships? Didn't work.

Here's the wikpedia definition

synergy is almost necessary today in order for a company to survive. Hat's off to Bonanzle for recognizing a powerful and integrative process for its members, buyers and sellers.

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