Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bonanzle, let me count the ways to buy, sell and have fun

Bonanzle is the new ethical ecommerce site for sure.

Why? Oh, let me count the buy, sell and have fun at the same time.

Bonanzle is real people in real time helping other people, buyers and sellers, and sometimes onlookers. Where else can you talk instantly to people around the globe?

That’s one, but how about …?
Customer Service is king, marketers and successful business executives will continually emphasize. But, how many actually perform Customer Service with that philosophy at the core and top of the priority list? Who does this in ethical ways, continually and steadily?
Bonanzle, for real excels in superior service. Customer Service ethics are not lip service in this company. Find out for yourself. Visit the site, do your research, check them out, join, buy, sell and mingle with others on the forums. In in quick, real time order you will see Bonanzle is the future of ecommerce.
For instance, I’m a seller on Bonanzle, started in late October 2008. I have never had a question go unanswered from the staff, ever. The turnaround time is under 24 hours, a most respectable Customer Service time frame.
Well, remember the James Taylor song “You’ve got a friend…….”?
In part:
“You just call out my name,
And you know wherever I am
Ill come running, oh yeah baby
To see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall,
All you have to do is call
And Ill be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You’ve got a friend.”
James Taylor from You’ve Got a Friend

Bonanzle is like a really good friend. Dependable, reliable and always honest, Bonanzle delivers a new respect that fell out of fashion many years ago on the ecommerce circuit. In a way, Bonanzle is new and trendy with all the effective social networking capabilities of today, but reminds me of a good old-fashioned Mom and Pop store.

Bonanzle actually really listens to its customers, (both consumers and resellers). Imagine a place like that. Well now, that reminds me of another song from days gone by. Imagine by John Lennon. Ahh… Bonanzle maintains a peaceable culture and viable environment. Without draconian controls on its community members, Bonanzle garners respect for all and for the site. Creativity and personal
viewpoints are championed and encouraged.
The leadership at Bonanzle is in tune to the global economy as well as family values in an ecommerce arena!

If you’ve traveled to other countries or perhaps within your own country and you visit off the beaten path to where the locals go, you most often will encounter the authentic and true culture of that region. Visiting like the natives and locals, you get a flavor that is honest , real and learn to discover the good of humanity. This is Bonanzle to me. I feel as if I’m visiting a new and different culture that feels like home. The social aspects of twittering and facebook, other social network sites was an education to me. Next, I’ll probably have to configure it all to be displayed on an iphone! Oh, I have learned much and I thank Bonanzle for their generosity of spirit and all for one, one for all team spirit.

Okay, I’ll step down my cheerleading exercises for a bit!
From the owners’ impeccable leadership and insight, to the community members who go the extra mile to assist and help other folks, being on Bonanzle is a genuinely rewarding experience.
I’m enjoying success here on Bonanzle for all of the reasons above, but most importantly, I feel respected in a place where voices can be heard in an impartial environment for the buyer and seller. This is one more important tenet about Bonanzle. To graze in upon the fact that human nature can make one want to belong, be a part of, contribute to something bigger than oneself is an intangible that
brings Bonanzle to a family type philosophy.

There is something for everyone, literally here on Bonanzle.
If you want social networking, it is on Bonanzle.
If you want to buy, it is on Bonanzle.

For time constrained working people, you just want to get in, get out, and buy the product. You can, on Bonanzle, quick and easy no sign up required, direct buy! For me, I don’t have much time to spend chatting away, but I do interact on some forums when possible. You see, Bonanzle is just the comprehensive site for our time. Go on over there now and take a look.

Let me count the ways... I can't actually take a numbered approach yet or I'd be a google.

From AnnappleBonanza

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