Saturday, December 5, 2009

Laughter is the Best Medicine Take a look at Young Jesus Chronicles

Young Jesus Chronicles Book Christmas Gift Idea helps people laugh and smile.

This is the most charming book I've seen in a long time.

I happened to meet one of the authors today at a local craft fair by chance.  Funny how God works in mysterious ways.  One of the booth owners I was crafting with has a son named Spencer and as she was calling his name, Spencer, co-author of this marvelous book turned around as he was walking through the booths.

Anyway, they got to chatting about the name Spencer and he was carrying a book, somehow I took a look at it and immediately was drawn into its charm and wisdom.  Long story short, I wanted to help distribute this book and I have it available at Bonanzle. 

The book is by Spencer Smith and Mark Penta from Framingham, Massachusetts in the Archdiocese of Boston.

A personable and friendly guy, Spencer Smith and I started talking about the history of the book that took on a life of its own.   I haven't met Mark yet, but will be equally enamored I'm sure.  These two seem to have a gift of the gab with a remarkable healthy outlook.  The Scribes as this book describes met in 1st grade and went to Catechism classes together. 

With comic black and white illustrations, great for all ages as it chronicles Jesus' life from babyhood to young adult.  Just so funny and educational, ready to spark a discussion on the moral lessons on life. 
Any age would love this as a gift. I bought one today for myself! 
Never know what to buy the pastor?  This book is sure to bring a smile, a chuckle and some good lessons learned in the most delightful way! 

Great for CCD teachers and home schoolers too!  Nuns and Priests alike will enjoy this book. 
This is just too funny and so endearing.  In particular, I like the illustration where Jesus as a young boy is dropping a coin into a Piggy Bank.  The caption reads Jesus saves!  Not offensive and delightfully funny. 

This edition is self published by the authors and is sure to be a collector's item.  You can also watch for the  Andrews McNeel publishing version due out  in Feb 2010.  72 pages.  Andrews McMeel worldwide publishers of comics, books, cookbooks and calendars. Here's another sample from the book:

Signed copies are also available upon request.  Email me with any questions.
ISBN is 9781440403309

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