Tuesday, June 8, 2010

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita
Oh my gosh, it’s June already!
Graduations, weddings and parties galore. Come on into my kitchen is ringing through my head. The song by the Allman Bros got me thinking tonight about what happens at all family gatherings, every one ends up in the kitchen.
You can set the table, the bar, the buffet, the various seating arrangements, but everyone ends up wanting to talk in the kitchen.
Why is that?
The hub of the kitchen is the life of the family most times. Do you notice you gravitate towards the kitchen at a home party? Men and women, they all find their way. It’s most often where the hostess probably wants you out of there, but you can’t help it, you ask can I help, what can I do? It’s inevitable, you have to be there. The host/hostess knows it too, and pretends to be annoyed and shooshes you out, saying no, I’m fine, go enjoy yourself, have another glass of wine. The din of the crowd is comforting and you just feel so at home. You insist you need to help, so she gives you a platter and with proud attitude march into the dining area with your treasure of bounty. Ahh….
What exactly is it about the kitchen that engulfs everyone into happiness and confusion and over the clamor of dishes rattling and voices chattering that engages you into the fold?
It’s really all about the food! No, just kidding. It’s really about belonging. With every feast, family event and party, if you can be a part of the kitchen crowd, you have it made. You belong! You are useful and you are a part of making the event successful. Every good host/hostess knows (unless paid caterers) that to ensure your guests feel at home, one must tread carefully between giving your guests a great time and making them feel a part of the festivities. This is vital to a successful party. Put everyone to work and they will feel at home so much and mix with the friends, aunts and uncles that have nothing in common. For, food is the common denominator to get a relaxing environment.
What needs to be put aside when entertaining? Egos, perceived differences. For it’s all about the reason. You are celebrating a great event, whether it be a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation or other significant life event. You are all there together, living in the moment. Enjoy the June celebrations and honor the time you have with your family and friends. Share your heart, food, gifts and talents and it will be a memorable occasion. Dolce Vita.
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