Saturday, August 21, 2010

Get the Goods on Bonanzle

Getting the Goods on Bonanzle
Enjoying the many new changes flourishing at Bonanzle tonight. Everything but the ordinary you say? I would tend to agree. New features of searching and facebooking.  It's hard to keep up.  But, you can get the goods on Bonanzle while the folks at Bonanzle gear up for the holidays! 

Where else can you get a roll in the hay? Well, you can't really get a roll in the hay on Bonanzle, but one can purchase straw bales there,  amongst a variety of hard to find, specialty, made to order and custom products for you and yours.  I chose the hay as the lead, because it is approaching the harvest season, can be used in the garden, for crafts and is 100% biodegradeable.   

Ordinarily, I'm a foodie, sort of.  I just found out soy sauce was made from soybeans, (who knew?) so I'm not a graduated foodie yet.  But, I love pantries and groceries, food and candy.  I come from a long line of bakers and cooks, and just love parties and the food and camraderie that encompass a good get together. I wasn't the best baker in comparison to my Mom and other family members, but I learned how to cake decorate and am a great cook for the meat and potatoes crowd, not so much the pies!

 Much of the reason I shop for others and get them food and candy is because of the amazing childhood, family parties and vacations we all had together. 

When my clients and customers send me warm and loving testimonials on the goods they purchased from Bonanzle, it makes me truly happy.  I can only imagine the din of good conversation, good food, music, laughter,  happy company and family parties.  At the end of the day, I almost wish I could hear the stories when they rehash the important events of their lives.  When someone gets married, has a baby, goes off to college and just Sunday dinners, I'm enjoying the repeat business and hope to enjoy the 2nd generations to come. 
Tonight will feature where my thoughts are zooming.
I'm thinking of the approaching school year and back to school, autumn harvest and Halloween.
For the kids
Halloween:  I love holidays, but have to admit that Halloween is not one of my favorites to go all out. Yet,  I appreciate there are so many fans of this holiday over others, I have to include some of the offerings for those that are searching and searching for just the right decorations, music or food.  These just happened to catch my eye while looking around for newly listed items for Halloween.  But, help yourself, take a look at the Halloween Category and narrow down your search, according to what you want and need and drill down till you find what you're looking for.  As always, you can email me with your wish list or request to find any products (within reason).  I really go out of my way, literally to find your requests.
Harvest - for the Autumn Harvest Festivals - stay tuned until tomorrow.  Blogtired and need to refocus for the evening.

Ciao!  Vaya con Dios.

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