Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sales and Marketing- the new take

Sales & Marketing

Used to be that Sales and Marketing Teams worked together. That was a great concept that worked in the 80s into some of the 90s.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the two have become skewed.

What the sales team didn't know and the marketing team didn't know was that they needed each other. That didn't happen, why? For some reason, egos were involved. When egos are involved the organization suffers. When are people going to realize that it's a real involved team of spirit that enables the successful companies to attain fulfillment of sales and customer satisfaction?

I found that Bonanzle has quite the empowering spirit. No longer is the IT guy denying info to the workers, the sales pro offers up tips, marketing gurus willingly share advice. What is happening?

It's absolutely the way to go. I'm not sure why anyone would not want to buy on Bonanzle, its the next best thing to S'Mores. Remember those. No seriously, it is indeed a comfy and heartfelt site full of love and zing and Mallomars. (well only in season)

The Best is Yet to Come for Bonanzle, but they are enjoying the success which is earned and genuine.
My Name is Paula and
I can be found on Bonanzle at


  1. Hey Paula,

    I couldn't have said it better. All groups working together always equals success.