Monday, February 2, 2009

What is selling on Bonanzle? What can I find?

Part Deux: The Seller's List

I asked some fellow colleagues at Bonanzle, what have you sold?

Here are some of the folks that responded:
CatInTheShack reported selling lots of handmade soaps and lotion
Goat Milk Soap – Olive Oil & Aloe Soaps – Oatmeal soaps – The lotion is Goat Milk – honey and Shea butter.. and Bath Bombs

They offer over over 75 different scented soaps, specialty soaps - that clear acne - relieve dry skin and many more skin problems. Buy USA.

Have you lost your marbles?

Finding marbles isn't that easy unless you came across Sam's Place, where
it's never too late to have a happy childhood. Passionate about glass marbles. Wow! I wish I kept mine. On Bonanzle now!

Toy marbles date back to the dawn of man. The first glass marbles were made in Egypt approx. 2,000bc. There are examples from Greek and Roman times, etc.

The most collected marbles today are 1840-1920, made in Germany and England. They were handmade individually by glass artists.

Americans invented mechanisms to make marbles by machine around 1915. About a dozen companies produced marbles until the Japanese-made cat’s eyes became popular in the late ‘40s. Most American companies closed or changed products.
The main point in collecting anything is rarity, condition and beauty. That said, childrens glass toys meant to be played with by collision makes condition tough.

Today an original intact box of machine mades can bring $18-22,000.
At one time or another, this booth owner had over 100,000 marbles and has been collecting for
around 20 years.


Next up is SandyGal

Sandy is a buyer and seller, recently bought a personalized diaper cake diaperchef you'll have to check it out-and cat treats, boys clothing, jewelry- bracelet, necklace and earrings.
SandyGal is also a seller on Bonanzle.
Are you looking for gently used kids toys, tapes, and games?
This would be the place to look, selling just under 100 products in Dec and January.

First featured is Action Healthy Life

Helping you to take action and lead a healthy life.
Action reports selling several Health & Wellness books, weight-loss and some Low Carb Cookbooks. Also selling supplements including Dr. Sears Fish oil Capsules.
Stop by and visit this healthy place at

Action is so healthy, she maintains another booth at Bonanzle
In the newfangled booth, Action reports selling a plethora of vintage items including 50s funky knee-high boots, shabby chic bathroom scale and Fenton glassware.

Next up- I hear that SandyGal bought and sold a lot of Bonanzle items. I wonder what she bought?

For the latest sales, see this thread/forum at Bonanzle just started by selah

One of the most frequently asked questions on Bonanzle is ........What is selling?

As multiple buyers find and frequent this new venue of buying and selling, it is hard to keep up.

What is selling?

For starters, I just ran a recent search and came up with products sold on Bonanzle. I didn't capture the whole product title, but you get the idea:

Bird guide
Coach bag
Corningware lasagna pan
Sunflower batik fabric
Depression glass
Dooney & Bourke bag
Easter Egg fabric
Fenton seasons
Iris Herrinbone Plate
Jelly roll strips
Jurassic Park
Leopard dog carrier
Mango wood vase
Oberon Journals
Quilt squares
Red Sox fabric
Specialty Soaps, handmade
St. Patrick's Cookie Cutters
St. Patrick's Plates
Vintage eye glasses
Vintage gowns
Wrestling fabric

I asked a few members and did a quick poll. Part II will be the seller's list of what's sold for them.
I asked buyers what did they buy? You will be surprised.

Bonanzle is a community of buyers and sellers united into one friendly forum of community spirit. When you have a minute during your work day, check it out if your company allows. If not, stop in at night and talk with us. Discuss your issues in the forums.

the main site is

My booth is

Bonanzle has everything but the kitchen sink and perhaps there even is a sink listed, check it out.

Buyers are treated like royalty, Customer is King!
Buyers need not beware, you are so treated like royalty here at this friendly site and whatever it is you are looking for can be found if it's not already being sold. We have a thread too that is for when people are searching for that hard to find item that may not be listed yet.

If you can't find what you are looking for-Just post the things you want here and we'll try to find a match. Many people here are extremely fond of the hunt and their pursuits will be your gain.

The best thing about Bonanzle is it has synergy!!!!


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  1. I've been a seller on Bonanzle since January 1st 2009. I have sold a few Old Country Roses items, a few sets of Lenox flatware and some vintage items. I am very happy with my transition to Bonanzle. It really is a great place to sell and buy.

    I've also bought a few things here and there, some great old books, shipping supplies and most recently an antique bank. I love the sellers here. We truly are a community.