Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Drive up Grocery Store.? the next best thing at Bonanzle

Wow!  The holidays are over and just catching my breath, but there's more to come. Annapple Bonanza is ready for Valentine's Day and almost ready for Easter.
 I do love to shop!  A large portion of my time is spent driving and shopping for others.  I love the requests that come in for specialty gourmet products or average everyday groceries.  When requests come in, I'm out running, really driving around to the source stores that I frequent.  When I can make families happy that I was able to find their beloved candy or food products, I am fulfilled.

No request is silly or denied.  Sometimes, there are occasions when the item in question cannot be found, but I go literally fifty extra miles or more to ensure that doesn't happen.  Most of all, I love the interaction with people that are so thrilled.  It can get hectic during the holiday season whatever time of year and my main goal is to educate new customers to please order early.  It certainly suggests peace of mind for all concerned when the products are delivered in enough time to prepare their feast. 

The holidays are never more important than when a family is getting together and they found their favorite foods. 

Or sometimes, there is a life situation and someone is unable to be transported to their favorite, local grocery.  For these services, I’ve found Bonanzle to be the venue of choice to offer an array of products, American and International.  Bonanzle is proving to be a synchronous outlet.
Many stores I've come to know and love carry a certain product and/or that hard to find cake or candy that my special customers request.  Some stores surprise me with unique and refreshing product ideas for later, that I'll email prior subscribing members when available.

 When I read this WSJ article about Drive-Up groceries in France, I really want to get over there and see for myself.  The name is The website is in French, there might be an English version, I just didn't find it yet.  This would be the perfect system for me, providing they stock all the unusual, international and specialty items.  I would welcome this drive-up idea. It’s actually very retro.  Many Mom and Pops and corner grocery stores did this in the WW eras into 60’s. I just love it. 
Well, in the meantime, if you are not in France and you need certain grocery products, special candy or anything at all, visit Annapple Bonanza or email me with requests.

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