Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where to Buy, What to Buy, How to Buy? Try the ABC's

I often look at blogs, posts and forums of people looking to buy certain products and long lost wanted things for themselves or their families.  Most of the blogs I read are about specific things like:
Where to buy certain hard to find candy or where to buy fabric like the Red Sox and hard to find foods, on chowhound.
You might be searching to find that postcard from the fifties in Eastham, MA of the windmill.  Whatever you are looking for, it need not be a lifetime search.
 Besides searching around at your related searches on google, just set up a Google Alert and let the products come to you.  Instead of "Let your fingers do the walking", let Google do the crawling and leg work.  
It's extremely easy and works splendidly.  You'll find in time, you may refine the alerts more to your liking. 

 And then, there's another way. 
On the website called Bonanzle, you can ask for what you are looking for and real live people will bend over backwards to help you find your coveted piece.  Just post your request in the Items Wanted section and you'll see a quick set of responses and might even find something you didn't know you wanted. 

Then, there is the Alphabet Game (it's called a game), but it's a different shopping experience. 

On Bonanzle, every Tuesday and Thursday, there is a shopping excursion where store owners post their products by the Alphabet.  It makes shopping fun.  The Alphabet is hosted by granny7x aka Grannys Hope Chest .  If you can't be around during the 4 p.m., EST time slot, the archives are all available for an indetermined length of time.  It's fun and hilarious at times to shop there. 

A few of the past ABC's that were shopped till dropped around midnight:
They start with the letter A and go right through to Z.  If you are looking for a gift that begins with Q, it can be a little silly. 
Products are available, unless sold that night.
Check the lists for buying, selling or to see the crazies rambling fast and furious to
get their items up.

Alphabet Game Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alphabet Game Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Alphabet Game Thursday, April 8th, 2010
Alphabet Game Tuesday March 30th, 2010
Alphabet Game Thursday, March 25, 2010
A Huge Archive of past Alphabet Games- Fun!

Some of the past participants in this shop and sell game are:

Annapple Bonanza
BMJ Housewares
Grannys Hopechest
Hopes Little Angels
Mary’s Antiques
Midfield John
Mrs Bargains
Nenkas One of a Kind
Norma’s Bath and Body
Pattis Pretty and Precious
Ravens This n That
The Trinket Box

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